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Receiving multiple technical enhancements for 2024, the TC 50 continues to edge away from its competition in terms of both specification and on track performance. Now powered by a new engine, housed inside an all-new chassis that features modernised and adjustable ergonomics, the TC 50 allows youngsters to compete with full confidence. Expertly assembled with unrivalled attention to detail using premium quality, competition focused components, the TC 50 provides all young riders with a distinct advantage on the race track.


To accommodate youngsters of different sizes, the TC 50 now offers multiple adjustment options to suit a wider range of riders, based on their height and set-up preference. The handlebars can be mounted in four different positions, the rear shock can be positioned from standard high position into a lower setting, and the subframe and bodywork can be installed in two different places to suit each individual rider.


Manufactured using a combination of polyamide glass fibre and steel, this new hybrid construction was first used on the full-size motocross models for MY23. Now, with its reliability proven, it can be found on the TC 50. Besides being robust …


The new TC 50 engine features the latest in 2-stroke technology and is more compact and powerful for 2024. The crankshaft has been positioned closer to the centre of gravity, which creates an improved intake angle for better performance in addition to centralising mass for enhanced handling. Complete with a new cylinder and ignition, the lighter engine produces a broader spread of usable power to benefit every rider.


For improved cooling, a new and larger capacity radiator replaces the two smaller radiators as found on the outgoing generation of the TC 50. Capable of holding more coolant and contributing to a simplified routing of the hoses, the radiator is adequately protected from any potential damage.

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