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Enhanced with multiple technical revisions for 2024, the TC 65 comfortably retains its position as the best-in-class 65 cc motocross machine on the market today. For many young riders, it will be the first motocross model they ride with a manual clutch and gearbox. Knowing this, our engineers thoughtfully fitted a lightweight hydraulic clutch and smooth shifting 6-speed transmission. Now able to accommodate a wider range of youngsters, the TC 65 offers multiple ways in which to adjust the ergonomics around the new chassis. In terms of performance, a new exhaust, DS clutch, Formula brakes, and larger Twin Air filter combine to ensure an exceptional riding experience.


The clean and sleek bodywork is scaled down from what is found on the full-size machines and offers the same proven ergonomics. By replicating the design, youngsters will benefit from the larger contact points that allow them to grip the bike tighter with their legs for enhanced control. In addition, a new and flatter seat profile offers unrestricted movement.


High quality aluminium handlebars with a black anodised finish ensures reduced vibration and maximum stability. The new, modern bar bend is slightly wider for enhanced comfort and leads to better body positioning while riding. Thin diameter ODI grips allowing for a heightened level of control.


Assembled with the latest in 2-stroke technology, the TC 65 is a highly competitive machine. Using the lightest and most durable materials to construct each component, the highlight of the engine is undoubtedly the pressure-controlled exhaust valve that ensures the highest level of performance. Additionally, the engine is complete with a manual 6-speed gearbox, a reliable hydraulic clutch, and a BRISK spark plug.


Retaining the proven gear ratios developed specifically for the TC 65, the 6-speed transmission is now manufactured to be more durable by combining stronger steel with a revised production process.

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