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Hailed as the highest performing 250 cc 4-stroke motocross machine on the market, the FC 250 is equipped with multiple, performance-focused technical upgrades to maintain its place at the head of the field. New for 2024, striking white, yellow, and grey graphics are applied using in-mold technology for an outstanding and long-lasting finish while revised suspension settings further improve overall handling. Housed inside a lightweight chromium molybdenum frame, the compact, powerful, and versatile engine features a Pankl gearbox for smooth gear changes with a Quickshifter further aiding upshifts, especially under heavy load.


The FC 250 features a highly reliable diaphragm steel (DS) clutch. Engineered from a single piece of CNC-machined steel, the clutch basket allows the use of thin steel liners, which contribute to the compact overall design of the engine. Underlining just how strong and durable the clutch is, the same components are used in the much more powerful FC 450.


The hollow die-cast aluminium swingarm is manufactured from a single piece of aluminium using an improved die-cast production process for optimal stiffness and a 190 g weight reduction over previous generations. In order to optimise and match the flex characteristics from the frame, a 22 mm rear axle is fitted. Additionally, the chain guard and chain slider have been designed for improved durability and are less prone to catching on external objects.


ODI lock-on grips feature an innovative, integrated throttle mechanism and are installed without using glue. The throttle assembly offers easy free-play adjustment with the option to fit alternative cams for a personalised throttle action.


A 7.2 litre fuel tank integrates neatly with the ergonomic bodywork. The fuel pump design and location allows the tank to be emptied further, which is particularly beneficial for longer races. For improved durability, the external fuel line is specifically routed to make it less exposed and susceptible to damage.

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